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Care by Sr. Sue Catheter Pants

Offers a discreet solution for those with permanent or short-term indwelling catheter devices with attached drainage bags

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Catheter Pants for active lifestyles

Quick drying pants for catheter patients. The stretch fibre offers comfort and flexibility, allowing freedom of movement for those with an active lifestyle

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Disinfectant Fogging Solution

Looking for a company to disinfect your home, office, school or vehicle?

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Catheter friendly clothing and Patient care

It all began with pants for catheter patients

Care by Sister Sue is the brainchild of Sr. Sue-Ann Mahlwele, a South African ICU Trained Registered Nurse with over twenty years’ experience in healthcare. Through her close interaction with her patients/clients, she has been able to understand their different healthcare needs and requirements.

After a client conveyed to her their frustration at having a catheter bag hanging down their leg and the added anxiety experienced from the stares of people, this led Sr. Sue to seek a solution to provide comfort and dignity to catheter users. As she researched more on catheter care, she came across the idea of pants for catheter patients, and CBSS Catheter Pants was birthed. This catheter friendly clothing line currently has two terrific products in the range.

Sr. Sue continues to provide patient care at her private practice, as well as at various medical facilities and patient’s homes.

Disinfectant fogging services

Not to end there, Sr. Sue continues to pay close attention to her client’s adversities and needs, always keen to find a solution – in the form of a product or service – that can help to alleviate these. She ardently believes that her products and services need to embody her passion for “care” and include a “personal touch”.

In this spirit, Care by Sister Sue now also offers a disinfectant fogging service - for office fogging and home disinfection service, to effectively disinfect the home, workplace, car, school etc.

Care with a Personal Touch

Catheter friendly clothing

Disinfectant fogging solution


What satisfied customer have to say

Lisa Carr, Holistic healer

Innovative Catheter Garment which allows patients to experience more freedom in their daily lives, while wearing a permanent or short-term catheter. Great also for post-operative procedures.

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Testimonial wording

"Everything I do is driven by my passion for care with a personal touch. I am blessed to have had the support of two female entrepreneurs who believed in the product and in me. That was the start of this journey. Now, with a great team behind me, with everyone bringing in their expertise, I can ensure that we reach my main goal - of caring"

Sister Sue-Ann Mahlwele