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CBSS Catheter Pants

Care by Sister Sue Catheter Pants have been researched and developed by Sr. Sue Ann Mahlwele.

Catheter friendly clothing

This unisex medical garment offers a solution for those with permanent or short-term indwelling catheter devices with attached drainage bags.  Providing wearers with the ability to manage their catheters and bags discretely and with dignity, thus improving their quality of life.

Designed to ensure that catheter devices remain discreet, the catheter pants fit under the clothing and protect the catheter and bag so that they do not “hang and pull”. They can be worn immediately post-operative, or as leisure wear to keep indwelling catheters and drainage bags secure.

The unique fastening method makes it easy to attach both the catheter and bag to the pants.

  • Six-feature system keeps the catheter and drainage bag hygienically clean and secure
  • Two pockets hold the drainage bag in place, keeping drainage flow continuous and reducing the discomfort of pulling and bending

The high-quality fabric used in this catheter friendly clothing is a polyester/spandex blend, allowing the wearer to enjoy their lifestyle whether active, laidback, or sedentary.

Moisture wicking in the fabric pulls moisture away from the skin, drawing it to the exterior, to easily evaporate, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. CBSS Catheter Pants are unisex, durable and comfortable, and available in various sizes (S-XXL)

Benefits of this catheter friendly clothing

  • Easy connection and disconnection of catheter and bags using unique fastening system
  • Washable and quick dry
  • Wide waist elastic for comfort
  • Pants ensure catheter is connected to the bag, allowing optimum results
  • Less kinks experienced
  • Long-term or short-term catheter wear
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Keeps indwelling catheter and drainage bag hygienically clean
  • Doesn’t hinder catheter drainage to the collection drainage bag
  • Can be prescribed by doctors and healthcare practitioners

Suitable for individual medical requirements / health lifestyle needs

  • Individuals with permanent or short-term indwelling catheter and bag
  • Individuals with urinary catheter, both suprapubic or urethral catheter and bag
  • Individuals with wound catheter and drainage bags on their upper torso
  • Post-operative abdominal wounds, where patient has indwelling drainage catheter and bag/port

CBSS Catheter Pants Range

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