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Everything you need to know about CBSS Catheter Pants

Can the CBSS Catheter Pants be worn by both men and women?

Yes, the garment is unisex (can be worn as men's catheter pants and women's catheter pants) and available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all patients.

Are the CBSS Catheter Pants durable?

Yes, this catheter friendly clothing is made from quality imported fabric and is durable. The CBSS Catheter Pants Premium (320gsm) is the most durable, as it it made of thicker fabric.

Is it easy to install a catheter devices and drainage bags into the Catheter Pants?

Yes, the unique fastening system makes for easy connection and disconnection of catheter and bags.

Can CBSS Catheter Pants be prescribed?

Yes, doctors are able to prescribe CBSS Catheter Pants for their patients.

Where can I purchase CBSS Catheter Pants?

To purchase CBSS Catheter Pants, visit one of our Suppliers, or Contact us directly to place your order.