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I see a lot of male patients who require catheters. Prostate cancer or benign prostate type of patients. They do not like carrying the urine bag on their leg and so they end up defaulting, even getting sepsis from the catheter.
Day in day out I put catheters in and I try to comfort them, but they don’t like the strings, which get dirty and it’s really not comfortable for patients.
But This! It is the best! It’s beautiful stuff, I mean I can send the patient home with a catheter, and it’s comfortable and they’re going to walk.

Dr. Nzama,

A lot of patients have so many drains and they then have excuses to mobilise. They will always say “I’m not going to walk today because I have this drain, and that drain, and that drain.”
No more excuses for patients not to walk. From now on I’ll be talking – no, I’ll be preaching the tide - about this product!

Sr. Refiloe Mahloko,

I am a C5 quadriplegic through a diving accident in 1994. I use a motorized wheelchair and am the founder and executive director of Disability info South Africa (DiSA), which is a One-Stop information service designed to assist persons with disabilities who are looking for information that can help them. After trying out the CBSS Catheter Pants that were kindly sent to me by Sr. Sue, I can honestly say that they are great product for persons who use catheters as well as those who use wheelchairs. CBSS Catheter Pants are not only a great idea to prevent the frustration of having a catheter bag hanging down your leg when wearing shorts or a costume, which often causes people to stare, but CBSS Catheter Pants also offer comfort and support when wearing catheters for those wearing long pants, the catheter pants assists to keep the catheter in place, preventing accidental blockages through twisting or folding of the catheter which sometimes happens when using regular underwear, they also do not wrinkle and collect in the groin area, which often happens when wearing boxer shorts after transferring to your wheelchair, thus causing discomfort and often pressure sores. CBSS Catheter Pants are an ideal solution for many problems caused by underwear or pants that are not specifically designed for persons with mobility impairments. This product is extremely well made from quality, quick drying material that is comfortable and fits perfectly, preventing potential damage to the skin. I can highly recommend this product to any persons using catheters and also persons who use a wheelchair, including sportsman.

Alan Downey, DiSA , http://disabilityinfosa.co.za

Innovative Catheter Garment which allows patients to experience more freedom in their daily lives, while wearing a permanent or short-term catheter. Great also for post-operative procedures.

Lisa Carr, Holistic healer,

Why I like these Catheter Pants is that it’s a great product. It’s very useful. It’s practical. It’s comfortable for the patient. To me it’s just a great idea, it’s relatively simple, but it’s going to make people’s lives a whole lot better.
I like the fact that they’ve been developed by Sr Sue. I’m quite passionate about making things in South Africa. I think if we keep pushing forward to say let’s design things here, let’s allow ourselves to come up with good ideas, let’s embrace ideas and let’s move forward with simple, straightforward things that work well.
I think these pants that are going to make people’s lives much better, much easier.
I thoroughly endorse this product and I wish Sr Sue the best of luck.

Dr. S. Doherty - Head of Urology, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital ,